Learn Spanish, 
Connect With The Culture!

  • Two-lesson-per week pace.
  • Learning materials to supercharge your skills.
  • Spanish Immersion sessions. 
  • Talented Instructors with 1,000+ classes taught.


A Complete Program For Adults to Learn Spanish Successfully!

Our Spanish Core Lessons
  • Live Online Classes

  • Two classes per week (55 min each)
  • Same level groups (up to 2 students)
  • Digital whiteboard annotations
  • Access to class recordings
  • Immersion Sessions

  • Relaxed, real-life conversation meetings for all levels
  • Connect beyond the classroom en Español
  • Test your speaking and listening skills
  • Get familiar with Spanish talk
Our Spanish Core Lessons
Spanish Homework and Activies
  • Full Study Support

  • Weekly assignments
  • Study materials for each lesson
  • Feedback from your instructor
  • Monthly tests

What Our Students are Saying  

New Way is wonderful! The tutors are knowledgeable, fun, and patient. The class times and scheduling is extremely flexible, which makes it a great fit if you have a busy or varying schedule. Small classes allow for a personalized experience. Highly recommend!
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Laura T.
I am so thankful to have found New Way Language Learning! They make it fun and easy to learn Spanish. They host "coffee talks" to allow you to meet other students of all levels and practice just talking about the week. It has been a positive experience and very different from any Spanish class I have taken. Thank you New Way!
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Toni V.
I am enjoying my time with New Way immensely. They teach you how to THINK about Spanish rather than just speak it, which makes the learning easier. I'm excited to continue and I've learned enough in just a just a few months to help me get by with necessities in the Spanish-Speaking country I just moved to!!
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Kayt P.

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