We help you connect with the Hispanic Community in a more meaningful way!


To Bring The Spanish Language to YOU!

There's this notion that to learn a new language, you have to move to the country where that language is spoken, but we know that there is a better way to learn effectively.

We believe you can enjoy the process of learning with intention and get results. That's why we created a Step-by-Step program to help adults English speakers become Spanish speakers.

Our Story

The story begins in October 2015, when Alejandro and Roxana just moved to the US from Venezuela. Almost instantly, they started experiencing how the language barrier between English and Spanish limited communication in almost all encounters. Not only for them but more so for those who wanted to communicate in Spanish and connect in a more meaningful way but couldn’t.

These many encounters prompted them to start the first draft of New Way’s curriculum and methodology to teach Spanish to adults. Today, the program has evolved to become a more comprehensive, interactive, and effective way to learn Spanish with a focus on the students and their learning experience.
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Our Methodology 

Our program is divided into 12 proficiency levels (from total beginner to expert) - Each of them follows a curriculum with specific learning objectives that evaluates speaking, writing, and listening skills in each core lesson.  

You always have clarity on what level you currently are at and what you will be learning throughout our roadmap. Additionally, you'll get the opportunity to connect with other students and members of our team with our Talks en Español (2 p/month)

Being immersed in the language does not mean 24/7 (that can become very overwhelming quickly) - We believe that creating an interactive learning strategy of 30 minutes a day + 2 lessons per week at a time will be more productive and effective. 
Let’s learn Spanish together with intention and results.  


Alejandro Nunez
Co-Founder & CEO
Alejandro has been part of the language learning world for more than a decade. He has been invested in the ongoing improvement of our methodology and students’ experience.

If you meet him, you can chat about history, philosophy, music, and of course learning a new language.
Roxana Castillo
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Roxana relates very well to our students due to her own experience learning a second language as an adult.

Her creativity, attention to detail, and vision give a unique identity to our school and brand.
Josefina Martinen
Profe de Español
Josefina was born in Paris and moved to Argentina when she was 9 y/o. She teaches both Spanish and French as second languages.

Her expertise, knowledge, and professionalism make our classes unique and compelling.

What Our Students are Saying  

New Way is wonderful! The tutors are knowledgeable, fun, and patient. The class times and scheduling is extremely flexible, which makes it a great fit if you have a busy or varying schedule. Small classes which allow for a personalized experience. Highly recommend!
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Jennelle B.
In one year, I have progressed several levels. I can have conversations in Spanish, read articles and write responses. The instructors have been great. There are monthly meetings which are actually fun. If you want to learn another language and can spare a couple hours per week, try New Way. I am happy that I did.
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Paul K.
I’ve tried a lot of others ways to learn another language before, and this is the only one that I’ve stuck with and made progress. I’m so thankful because it’s already benefited me personally and professionally. I really feel like that my foundation is very solid and that I’m continuing to make progress with every lesson. I highly recommend New Way to learn a second language!
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Amber C.

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